Community center Hamalogika (Burgas, Bulgaria) is a cultural and social hub that encourages creative and social change.

Shared space where besides getting in touch with art you can learn something about the world, participate in solving problems of the community, recognizing it as your own ... 


We believe that culture is an essential factor contributing to the sustainable growth of cities and of the strengthening civil society. An important role in this process have the Chitalishte (traditional Bulgarian cultural centre), so in 2014 we set the task to make a modern reading of this obsolete institution and to popularize it in the society with current themes for culture, education, art, ecology, healthy way of life, etc. 


For this purpose we have attracted many adherents, artists, organizations and companies to support us in the physical and conceptual construction of a new community hub in Burgas. 150 founders recognized our cause, as many volunteers, dozens of sponsors and donors, students organized a charity concert ... After nearly two years of community efforts, Hamalogika opened its doors on September 1, 2016 and developed a cultural and social hub with a weekly program.


Hamalogika started in 2012 in Burgas, Bulgaria as the first project of a group of friends. We were united by the dream of flooding urban areas with culture and art and also engaging the local communities with topics which we consider important.

We started sharing our ideas with more and more people as we were gathering more and more friends and followers. Imperceptibly conversations turned into plans, the meetings grew into events and the events into projects…

Led by our dream of our own cultural space in Burgas, we have come to the idea of becoming a Chitalishte (community hub). A real one. Like in the old times - seeking the support of local benefactors and with the help of friends and supporters.

The name Hamalogika comes from two of our fafourite words - hammock and logic :)

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The cultural hub is in the city center of Burgas and offers two multifunctional halls, respectivly one is 90 sq.m. with capacity for 70 people and the other  25 sq.m. with capacity for 20 people. The premices are equipped with multimedia, tables, seats, dance floor and library.

In Hamalogika you can visit or organize events like:


 • Exhibitions, lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations        

 • Team buildings и trainings events         

 • Games, literary and cinema                                                                                                                               

 • Music, dance, theatre and other theme events                                                

 • Professional forums, conferences, festivals

 • Art residences


If you need a professional consultation in field of culture, art or education, our team will gladly assist in the realization of your idea.

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    We are supporters of the "Theory of six handshakes", according to which any two people in the world can be contacted through a maximum of six people. The world is really small and your good contacts and useful partnerships can prove invaluable to us.


    The more, the better - volunteers are always welcome. We can donate us time, skills, experience or knowledge. In return you will get the opportunity to participate in exciting projects and work with interesting people.


    You can support us with supplies, equipment, furniture and other material goods. We promise to find them a suitable application.


    Community center "Hamalogika 2014"
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Organizations that have supported us:

  • Jani Chaushev

    IT support
    Developer, perfectionist, realist, hacker.

  • Lina Slavova

    community builder
    My favorite thing in the world is communicating - meeting new people, connecting them and doing something inspiring together. It charges me with undying enthusiasm.

  • Maria Sabotinova

    I am an urban planner by profession and a photographer by hobby. I like projects that bring positive change in the urban environment, the well-being of people and the planet.

  • Mina Spasova

    project coordinator
    A dreamer and a tireless researcher of the world and people - interrelations, coordination and relationships.

  • Ned Andreev

    event planner
    I love the challenges both in my life and in my work. Every conquered peak or overcomed difficulty shows me that 'the impossible' is only in our heads.

  • Ross Slavov

    administrative guru
    Culture has always emerged like a favorite number in my head. Especially the one released in the form of freedom. We all create culture through communication and the examples we give.

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